Salvatore Cimino Photographer


Let me introduce myself - I am a photographer based in Cefalù, Sicily. I like to define myself a storyteller capable of telling through images the emotion of the most special day - the wedding day. I deal mainly with reportage-style wedding photography, inspired by the desire to use original and impactful photographs to create an emotional tale of unique and unrepeatable moments. This photographic style requires great empathy and instinct, skills which have always been my hallmark and allow me to capture the most significant moments, glances and gestures of the big day without any hesitation.

Skill and dedication

to cherish

Discreet, but always focused on capturing every gesture and every meaningful glance, I never provide the classic wedding photo shoot, but an original and impactful reportage that frees the bride and groom from unnatural poses and forced smiles, including couples who are less used to the camera. However, I deal with more than just reportage. There are magical moments when the photographer ceases to be a reporter and devotes himself to taking artistic and poetic shots. The skill of the photographer, after all, also lies in being able to recognise the best style to apply at any given moment. What is my main source of inspiration? Undoubtedly, the vibrant colours of our Sicily - we have them all: from the warm shades of red, yellow and orange, to the green of its lush lands and the blue of the sea that washes its shores.