Salvatore Cimino Photographer


Salvatore Cimino is a wedding photographer based in Cefalù, Sicily. A storyteller who is able to tell the emotion of the wedding day through images, Salvatore Cimino produces reportage-style wedding photo shoots, guaranteeing an original and impactful outcome to each of his photographs. His ability to put the protagonists at ease, avoiding fixed poses and letting the language of their bodies express the joy of that instant, makes him one of the most appreciated photographers in the area.

Skill and dedication

to remember

Discreet, but always focused on capturing every gesture and every sigificant expression, Salvatore Cimino recounts the most beautiful moments of each couple's wedding day through reportages that clearly show his personal style. Not the classic wedding photo shoot, but an original and impactful reportage that frees the bride and groom from unnatural poses and forced smiles.