What is your photographic style?

I create wedding photo reportages, i.e. photographic services that manage to narrate through spontaneous and unpremeditated shots the emotion that can surface in any instant through a gesture or a glance. The reportage style is perfect for capturing the ceremony and the most significant moments of your big day, but during the shooting session between the ceremony and the reception artistic shots can also be taken.

How far in advance hould I book a photo shoot?

I recommend booking as early as possible, as I only confirm one wedding per day to ensure my presence at the event.

Who will take my photos?

I will document your event together with my staff, a team of professionals with whom I have been collaborating for a long time.

How long after will I get my photos?

The photographer's work does not end the day the photos are taken; selection, organisation and post-production can make several months pass before delivery.

Is there a limit to the number of shots?

Due to the nature of the photo service I offer, it is impossible to determine in advance how many shots will be taken.

How long will you stay at my wedding?

Generally, the photographer's aim is to tell the story of the wedding day from beginning to end; that is, from the moment the bride and groom and their family get ready until the end of the reception.

Do you retouch the photos?

Every shot taken undergoes the post production stage, a process that aims to process and enhance the colours of the photograph. Where necessary, photo retouching is also carried out to remove disturbing elements.

Do you organise the service in advance?

I believe it is always useful to make an appointment before the wedding to work out some details together. This way I can organise everything accordingly.

Do you take specific photos on request?

Should the couple have any special requests, my team and I will consider whether they can be fulfilled.

Who selects the pictures for the album?

At the end of the wedding the bride and groom will receive a pendrive containing at least 600/700 photos, among which will be chosen those that will be processed and included in the photo album.

How will we get the photos

First, the bride and groom will receive a pendrive containing 600/700 shots that will go through a selection process that will lead to the creation of the photo album; in addition, customers will receive a digital copy of all the photographs taken during the wedding by e-mail or via a USB stick.

Do you make wedding videos?

Yes, it is possible to book this service.

In which areas of Italy do you work?

I am based in Cefalù, Sicily, but I am willing to work all over Italy and abroad.

What is the surcharge in case of travel?

Travelling expenses, i.e. travel, food and accommodation.