A shared path


Photography allows you to cherish an emotion forever. Why not document the whole journey culminating in the exchange of vows? A photo shoot with your wedding proposal at its centre, whether spectacular or intimate and romantic, will tell in pictures what will be just one of the many journeys you will take together.

An emotion to remember


The emotion hidden in a gesture or a glance; the joy of an instant that never runs out, but lives on in the form of a photograph. A photographer must have the sensibility required to be able to recognise the value of a moment and thus fix it forever in the form of a photograph, while still leaving room for less spontaneous and more artistic shots.

Memories to look back on

photo album

The chance to relive the emotion of your most important day whenever you wish through a selection of shots chosen by you, under the constant guidance of the photographer; shots that are processed, printed and finally brought together in an album tailor-made for you.

Each wonderful step


Nine long months of waiting that all seem to fly by, because they are filled with expectation, excitement and so many emotions; then, the most beautiful moment for a parent finally arrives: the birth of their baby. Salvatore Cimino carries out maternity photo shoots, which immortalise every stage of motherhood; newborns, which feature babies in their first weeks of life; but also photo shoots for christenings and communions.