The new Box Liaison

The Salvatore Cimino photography studio presents Liaison, the box that, just as its name suggests, tells of a strong and indissoluble bond; first and foremost the one which is established between the photographer, the suppliers and the bride and groom.
But the bond that the Liaison box wants to celebrate most of all is the one that unites the bride and groom, who by choosing the Liaison box, produced by Recordia Italia, will have the possibility of enclosing the most beautiful photos of their big day inside a box in which oak blends with the elegance of plex, creating straight, clean lines with an elegant air.

By choosing Liaison, your wedding album will be stored inside a box that will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will also allow you to optimise space as it can be displayed upright.

Contact the photo studio and find out more about the Liaison box!