Wedding in Cefalù

Cefalù is a true jewel set on the northern coast of Sicily. Being one of the most visited places by tourists from all over the world, it is not infrequently chosen by couples wishing to marry by the sea, who are even more encouraged by the unmistakable beauty of its landscapes and by the huge artistic and historical value of its streets and monuments.

Cefalù is also the place where the photographic studio of wedding photographer Salvatore Cimino is based.

Choosing to have Cefalù as the backdrop for one of the most beautiful milestones of one’s life means being able to preserve forever the memory of a very important event, by making it even more marvellous thanks to a backdrop that is difficult to forget.

In fact, there are many landscapes in the Norman town that lend themselves to incredibly evocative shots, starting with the splendid cathedral that hides inside the famous mosaic representation of Christ Pantocrator and guarantees a golden atmosphere to every ceremony. At this point, at the end of the ceremony, you will only need to walk along the town’s seafront and its historic centre to come across numerous spots capable of guaranteeing the taking of incredible photos, such as the Cefalù pier, Porta Pescara or, simply, the long beach with its fine golden sand that offers unforgettable sunsets.